With expertise in multiple areas of Real Estate and Finance we are poised to:

Find the right purchase for your Residential or Commercial needs

Establish the appropriate pricing in order to proficiently complete your transaction

Match the appropriate "Financing Solution" so you are able to comfortably move forward with your project with ease and assurance that funding is in-line with your vision

Provide consultation with licensed expertise in the 3 major areas of real estate

Assist you in your decision making process

Mature you in the real estate process with each completed transaction

Financing available in 30 states ( more to come)

Real Estate Services available in Georgia only


J.B. Coger and Associates is announcing a new project to provide better servicing to its clients. Building its foundation upon 6 years of experience in the Finance and Real Estate Industries, we are now positioned to offer multiple services to our clients in an effort to streamline the process and reduce overhead to our clients. No longer will you have to mediate between your financial representation and your realtor. WIth this project we can perform all of those services for you under one umbrella.

Licensed in 30 States
Conforming loans, non conforming loans
Goverment loans such as VA, FHA
Interest only products
35 and 40 year terms available
Electronic processing with automated status updates

We are currently seeking individuals for 1099 employment in all 30 states with limited positions remaining in Georgia. We are looking for individuals who posess the following characteristics:

Self motivated
Computer literate
marketing or sales background is a plus but not required
access to fascimile equipment is desired
own computer equipment or have readily accessable equipment available
career growth enthusiast
Please contact us at the link below to be considered for employment. Just provide your name, address, contact information and why you feel you can be successful in the Real Estate industry!

Contact Us:
Phone: 866-202-5847 Fax : 866-202-5847 employment@jbcoger.com